Wordtiles rules


Wordtiles is played with 138 stones, each with a letter and score, on a board consisting of 17x17 squares. The goal of Wordtiles is to form words on this board using the letters on your stones.


Taking turns, the players form one or more words on the board, scoring the number of points indicated on each stone placed. The words must consist of at least 2 letters. After each turn, the stones are replenished to a number of 8 until the draw pile is empty.

There are 2 blank stones in the game that can count as any letter but are not worth any points. After a blank stone is used, it can again count as any letter when forming new words.

The turn can also be used to exchange one or more stones for new stones. Select the stones to be exchanged and press the 'Exchange' button. From the moment that there are only 10 stones left in the draw pile, it is possible to give up. Press 'Reset' to take back all the stones you have placed during this turn.

Stones that are placed on colored squares, provide one-time bonus points:
• L + 2 dots: 2 times the letter value
• L + 3 dots: 3 times the letter value
• W + 2 dots: 2 times the word value
• W + 3 dots: 3 times the word value

When all 8 stones are placed in one turn, 35 bonus points are awarded.


The game ends when both players run out of stones or when a player gives up. In this case, his opponent gets 1 more turn after which the game is ended. The player with the highest score wins the game.