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Let's play Crazy Eights!

Challenge your friends with over 40 different board games in 1 app!

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The digital game box in your pocket

Play a series of games with lots of other players! The more opponents, the more games you can play one after another.

Challenge other players, play a game against the computer or activate your funnels, after which Game Funnel will continuously find you a suitable game.

After each turn, you immediately will be taken to a next game that awaits your turn. If there are no such games left, you will receive a notification once it's your turn again.

Available for Android™ phones and tablets, iPhone™ & iPad™.

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Play over 40 board games

against other players or the computer

Your turn!

Play when it suits you. You will receive a notification as soon as it is your turn again.


How do you perform per game? Find out in your personal stats.


Frustrated? Send a message along with your current move.


Leaving the bells and whistles, easy to pick up by players of any age.

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A new puzzle every day!

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The best games

With Game Funnel you can already play more than 40 different games against each other, including:

Crazy Eights | rules

Blackjack | rules

Checkers | rules

Chess | rules

Duplication | rules

Darts | rules

Dice | rules

Dots & Boxes | rules

Four in a row | rules

Hangman | rules

Wordcracker | rules

Backgammon | rules

Mills | rules

Codecrack | rules

Memory | rules

Mancala | rules

Minesweeper | rules

OXO | rules

OXOXO | rules

Reversi | rules

Numberlines | rules

Ships | rules

Number ladder | rules

Wordfiller | rules

Wordfinder | rules

Wordtiles | rules

Fifteen | rules

Ur | rules