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Let's play Crazy Eights!

With Game Funnel you decide which games you play against who. Challenge your friends with more than 40 different games in 1 app!

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The digital game box in your pocket

Play a series of games with lots of other players! The more opponents, the more games you can play one after another.

As a player you will be assigned 5 game funnels, each of which you can set to filter specific opponents and game types. Using your funnel settings Game Funnel will continually match you to new games so you can keep playing indefinitely.

After each turn, you immediately will be taken to the next game if available. If there are no playable games left, you will receive a notification once it's your turn again.

Available for Android™ phones and tablets, iPhone™ & iPad™.

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Your turn!

Play when it suits you. You will receive a notification as soon as it is your turn again.


How do you perform per game? Find out in your personal stats.


Frustrated? Send a message along with your current move.


Leaving the bells and whistles, easy to pick up by players of any age.

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A new puzzle every week!

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The best games

With Game Funnel you can already play more than 40 different games against each other, including:

Crazy Eights | rules

Blackjack | rules

Checkers | rules

Chess | rules

Duplication | rules

Darts | rules

Dice | rules

Dots & Boxes | rules

Four in a row | rules

Hangman | rules

Wordcracker | rules

Backgammon | rules

Mills | rules

Codecrack | rules

Memory | rules

Mancala | rules

Minesweeper | rules

OXO | rules

OXOXO | rules

Reversi | rules

Numberlines | rules

Ships | rules

Number ladder | rules

Wordfiller | rules

Wordfinder | rules

Wordtiles | rules

Fifteen | rules

Ur | rules