Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password!

Press 'forgot login' on the login screen and fill out your email address. You will receive an instruction email that will guide you into resetting your password.

Will games expire?

A game expires when there has been no activity for 4 days. If you were the one to make a move, the corresponding funnel will be deactivated so no new game will be created.

How many games can be played simultaneously?

Up to 50 games can be played simultaneously.

Can I limit the number of simultaneous games?

If you wish, you can deactivate a funnel so you can limit the number of simultaneous games.

Can I keep playing against the same opponent?

You can setup a funnel to filter for a specific opponent exclusively when this player has been added to your friend list. Game Funnel will then only match games against this opponent.

I set a funnel to filter for a specific friend however no game is being started?

Currently this friend has no available funnel which is set to filter you as (a potential) opponent. As soon as an available funnel filters you as the next opponent, the game will start.

I can't send chat messages!

If one of the players has disabled the chat setting either before a new game is started or during the game, messaging will be disabled during that game.

I am not receiving notifications!

You will receive notifications only when you are logged in. In addition, Apple devices require an explicit permission to enable an app to send notifications. Game Funnel will ask you for this permission once upon app launch. If you declined, you can still give this permission through the device settings.

How do I reset the login status?

When you are experiencing problems in the app, it can help to reset your login status.

- Go to the settings of your device
- Go to the Apps section
- Go to the Game Funnel section
- Go to the Storage section
- Press Clear Storage / Clear App Data
- When you reopen Game Funnel, you will need to log in again

Delete and reinstall the app

I have another question, problem or suggestion!

Send an email to to contact us.