Ur rules


Ur is played on a board on which a route has been mapped out for both players. The goal of Ur is to be the first to get all 7 own stones on the own end square.


Taking turns, the players throw 4 4-sided dice. 2 of the 4 points of each die are marked black. The number of squares that a piece may be moved forward is equal to the number of dice whose upright point is marked. When a stone ends on a square with a star, the player gets an extra turn. When a stone ends on a square with an opponent stone, it is captured and returned to its starting square. Each square can only have 1 stone, except for the square with 2 stars. On this square, both a white and a black stone can be placed and they cannot be captured.


The player who first placed all of his 7 stones on his end square wins the game.

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