Minesweeper rules


Minesweeper is played on a board consisting of closed squares. Mines are randomly hidden under some squares. The goal of Minesweeper is to open all squares that have no mines hidden under them.


The players take turns opening a square. If there is a mine under this square, the player loses 2 points. If not, the player scores 1 point and the opened square shows a number representing the number of mines surrounding this square. By logical reasoning, players can determine which squares are hiding mines and avoid them. If no mines are surrounding the square, these squares will be opened until this is the case. The player scores 2 points. As a reminder, a player can mark squares (which he suspects are hiding a mine) with a flag. Placed flags are not visible to the opponent.


The game ends when all squares hiding mines or all other squares have been opened. The player with the highest score wins the game.

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