Mancala rules


Mancala is played on a board consisting of 2x6 pits and 2 collection pits. Each pit starts with 4 seeds. The goal of Mancala is to collect as many seeds as possible in the own collection pit.


Taking turns, the players click on one of their 6 pits, after which all seeds in the pit are divided over the following pits. This is done one by one and clockwise. The own collection pit is also included, while the opponent's collection pit is skipped. If the last seed falls into the own collection pit, the player receives an extra turn. If the last seed falls into an own empty pit, all seeds are stolen from the opponent's opposing pit and placed in the own collection pit.


The game ends when one of the players is unable to make a move. All remaining seeds of the opponent are then placed in his collection pit. The player who has the most seeds in his collection pit wins the game.

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