Darts rules


Darts is played on a round board consisting of rings divided into 20 equal parts. The goal of Darts is to be the first to reach a score of exactly 0.


Taking turns, the players throw 3 darts on the board, scoring points with each arrow according to these rules:
• Inner circle: 50 points
• 1st ring: 25 points
• 2nd ring: 1x part points
• 3rd ring: 3x part points
• 4th ring: 1x part points
• 5th ring: 2x part points
• 6th ring: no points
• Outside the board: no points

These points are subtracted from the current score. If a throw results in a negative score, it is not counted and the turn is ended.


The player who first reaches a score of exactly 0 wins the game.

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