Checkers rules


Checkers is played on a board consisting of alternating dark and light squares. Only the dark squares are played. Both players start with 20 stones in their own color. The goal of Checkers is to clear all the opponent's stones from the board.


During a turn, a stone may be moved forward diagonally to an empty square in the next row. If the next square is occupied by an opponent's stone and the square behind this square is empty, it must be jumped over. The opponent's stone is now captured and removed from the game. The opponent's stones must continue to be captured as long as this opportunity continues. The stone that can make the most captures must be played with.

When a stone reaches the other side, it becomes a king. The movement of a king is not limited to 1 or 2 squares; the king may be moved along the entire diagonally adjacent lines. In addition, a king does not have to come to a stop on the square behind the captured stone. If the king can come to a stop on a square from where it is possible to continue capturing, the capture must be continued in the same turn.


The game ends when all of a player's stones have been captured. The other player wins the game.

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